Saki Parapo :Traditional Rulers, Community Leaders,others light up Saki Parapo Annual Celebration on Wednesday.

Saki Parapo :Traditional Rulers, Community Leaders,others light up Saki Parapo Annual Celebration on Wednesday.

The dance skill displayed by the Traditional Rulers and Community leaders to the Saki City Hall in the Saki Parapo Annual ceremony that came up on Wednesday January 17,2018 does not only infect the attendees ,it also electrifies the well-decorated hall that hosted the occasion.

Welcoming the Traditional Rulers, the National Chairman, Dr. Sulaiman Lawani heartily and warmly expresses satisfaction over the fatherly roles,courage and carriage exhibited by the concerned Royal fathers so far .

At the occasion, series of salient matters bordering on the menace of the Fulani herdsmen, report of the delegation on Power to the Minister of Power, Works and Housing was laid, deforestation and other Chieftaincy issues are tabled .

Speaking at the occasion, men of private outfit working on Power supply to the community decries the epileptic power supply and outrageous billing in Saki,describing the development as worrisome.

According to the them, it has hindered economic activities and social life in the area.
They note that most small business operators were seen running their trade on generators.

Recall that the small businesses are barbing and hair dressing saloons, snacks and drinking joints and mini market stalls among others.

They say that the Distribution company had no reason billing consumers since there had not been adequate power supply in the area.

They say the distribution of bills in the area was not fair, given that there had not been constant power supply.

They stress the billing of consumers after months of complete outage was a clear violation of the consumer’s right.


In a related development, the report of the delegation on Power to the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Barrister Raji Babatunde Fashola was laid by Decon S.O Olujimi . The delegation remains optimistic about the chance of getting the Power Line which is the crux of the matter as soon as possible, noting that the Honourable Minister in charge has shown personal interest in the matter and the issue of the Ìkẹ̀rẹ̀ Dam.

In his address, General Kunle Togun presents on the menace Of Herdsmen in Saki Community.

He gives a brief background into the Fulani invasion issue in Saki which indicates that it goes well beyond this generation. Infact, dates back to many centuries before many of us who are presently here were born.

According to his submission, they made inroads down south and took over Ilorin, a town under the old Oyo Empire due to the compromise of the Afonja dynasty. Were it not for the eye opener that the Ilorin situation turned out to be, they would have taken over other Yoruba towns like Osogbo, Oyo, Ibadan, Owo and Ede to mention a few. The Yoruba warriors rose and successfully defended their territories against the Fulani jihadists.

He narrates on the menace causes by the herdsmen since the beginning of human civilization, noting that the herdsmen are generally resented and loathed by most people due to the peripatetic, precarious, and rugged nature of their jobs which makes them ferocious, violent, and horribly unsociable with little or no empathy for human lives except for their beloved herds.

According to him, the Fulani herdsmen in Saki of today are no less crude, bestial, and savage when it comes to issues that compromise the safety or wellbeing of their cattle.

Recall that the Fulanis rarely eat beef and mourn whenever a member of their herds dies whether killed by wild animals, illness, cattle rustlers, or angry farmers. This informs why they place little value on human lives whenever anyone kills one of their cows, or denies them passage for grazing (on even farmlands). Many farmers especially those who happen to be alone or very few in their farms when some mean Fulani herdsmen come grazing by with their cattle and try to prevent them from gracing in to their farms have been killed by the Fulani herdsmen who are always armed at least with swords, arrows, and knives if not with AK-47 and seeks for lasting solutions to their menace so as to avert communal clash.

Also, the Representatives of the Saki Youth Forum,Mr. Raji Ibrahim and Mr. Edward Adeyemi guide against the non-inclusion of the Saki Youths to the Saki Parapo Crew, noting that the Youth take 70% of the population of the Community. They however charge that Saki Parapo to constitute the Youth Wing of the Association or henceforth, there should be a coalition government for the needed development to take place and for the way forward.

The Traditional Rulers in the council speak unilaterally that all the sons and daughters of the town should remain painstaking, outpatient and steadfast in prayer so that things can come to place and orderly soon.

The Royal fathers present are ; The Bagii of Sakiland, High Chief Adegokeh Abdurrasheed in absentia, the Aganmu of Sakiland, High Chief Muritala Ogundepo, Balee Sepeteri, High Chief Jimọh Babalola , Ọba Yoruba, Jukku, Alhaji Wahab Adetoro and many others.

Others in attendance are General Kunle Togun, Alhaji R.A Akande, Mr Wole Oladokun, Alhaji Muritala Okoko, Baba Wole Samson Ọjọ́-Awo,Alhaji Fatai Ekuntakoro among others.

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