I am ready to make a difference, Hon. Yakubu Adewale. 

I am ready to make a difference, Hon. Yakubu Adewale.

Honourable Yakubu Adewale Busari, who is from Ago-are community ,a House of Representatives aspirant from Ifedapo Federal Constituency speaks on his aspiration with Oyovoice Reporters. Oyovoice Reporters presents the excerpts of the interview :

Question:May we meet you sir?

Answer: My name is Yakubu Adewale Busari, I was born in the late 70s to the family of Mr & Mrs Busari of Olojo compound in Ago Are,Oyo state. I had my elementary education at District Primary School,Oniwaya Road, Agege & St. Joseph Secondary School, Idi Mangoro, Agege, Lagos State. I proceeded to study Estate Management at The Polytechnic Ibadan where I bagged Higher National Diploma. Yakubu works as Logistics Officer with Confidence Cargo Ltd. till date and have my own companies as Libra Logistics Concepts Ltd & Libra Garment Care respectively. Busari Adewale Yakubu is nicknamed DONBAY and married with kids. My political inclination led to the formation of De Group Poltical Forum in 2001. I have served in various capacity at student levels and serves as political instrument to numerous leaders of the state and the country at large for years. DONBAY is a known name in the political industry.

Question :What motivates you in vying for the position of House of Representatives instead of State’s Assembly?

Answer: Firstly ,the zoning arrangement, secondly the Youth Participation in Politics Campaign. I am a freedom fighter who believes in liberating my people and am politically inclined.

Question :What are your antecedents?

Answer: Founder and pioneer member of De Group Political Forum.Student leader at various level VP EMSA at departmental level,SRC leader at SUG level in my ND days,Social Director EMSA,Achievers Club PRO and Once aspirant of Secretary General of the SUG at HND level.Coordinator Youth Clamour for Senator Abiola Ajimobi 2010/2011.

Question:Which political party do you belong?

Answer: I am a member of All Progressive Party.

Question:What are your political backgrounds?

Answer: Have been in the progressive system for a very long period of time playing party politics. AD to AC then ACN and now APC

Question :Are you a moneybags’ politician?

Answer: Am not a moneybag politician… But we are thanking God for His mercy while am not rich oooo

Question :Have you acknowledged the roles of godfathers?

Answer: Well, if there is no prophet or messenger, there wouldn’t be followers. But since we all have leaders,then we are responsible to them.Therefore God-fatherism cannot be exonerated in our case.

Question :What are your selling points and roadmap?

Answer: Selling point,is being a Youth,having Listening ears and fresh ideas.

Question :Do you have any previous experience in lawmaking ; If yes, what would be your aims and objectives as a Federal Lawmaker?

Sigh!! Nope except for my school days when I was a member of Student Representative Council of the student Union Government.

What difference would you make if voted as a Federal Lawmaker?

Answer :Effective legislations and none of our people will be cheated in any area of law.

Question :How would you access the serving Federal Lawmaker representing Saki West, Saki East and Atisbo?

The serving rep, I can’t give any assessment of my personal view but the generality of our people can do that.

What are your empirical assessment on Nigerian Economy under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari ?

On Nigeria economy, we are on the average and I believe we will sail beyond that if PMB anti corruption crusade genuinely work things out.

Are there good days ahead for President Muhammadu Buhari come 2019?

Sure… As a matter of fact,PMB is second to none as far as our image is concerned in the international community. PMB is the man comes 2019

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