“It is a thing of no great difficulty to raise objections against another man’s (development) – nay, it is very easy; but to produce a better in its place is a work extremely troublesome”. Regardless of the lamentation of the opposition through destructive and blind criticism, Ajimobi has risen beyond the captives of the opposition, raised his spirit of boldness against fear of the masses and has made meaningful impacts on Oyo state education.

It is no longer news that the purported release of WAEC result ranking among states has been sent across the media web, manipulation of statistical analysis and different stories of confusion have been told by the detractors to belittle the impacts of this present administration in Oyo state. First and foremost, it is important to note that WAEC as a body has not released her statistical analysis for the year 2017 because WAEC has released only 94% of the entire result of candidates while more than 234000 candidates are still been investigated for examination malpractices; until investigation is concluded, WAEC statistical analysis remains unknown.

Using holistic measures, we at Ajumose Legacy Forum can authoritatively say that Ajimobi buried the tradition of automatic promotion, raised the standard of qualifying for external examinations, inculcated a new platform of competition among serious students and within a year, we have started benefitting immensely from these holistic measures by a performing governor. Ajimobi’s administration introduced a policy that emphasized on pass mark and requirements needed by students before promotion and average of 50000 students did not meet this requirement for years which necessitated the cancellation of automatic promotion in our public schools.

The opposition could not hold it anymore; the pressure of positive impacts towards the growth of education in our state and holistic measures to reform Oyo state education. They consulted fellow political harlots to brainwash the gullibles. Both the supporters and deceived gullibles were elated when National Examination Council (NECO) ranked Oyo state as 2nd as a result of holistic measures taken by Koseleri himself.

It is not surprising but quite disturbing that the public has been fed with lies and propagandas that Ajimobi has made education worse in Oyo state. It is either people who distributed these lies are poorly fed with information or they choose to intentionally insult the intelligence of the good people of Oyo state. If they have forgotten years of celebration of failure, the good people of Oyo state refused to forget how Ajimobi sparked the dying flames of education and brought it to limelight. The record is there and the difference is clear.

From 1996 till 2016, the number of students with five credits including English and Mathematics in five subjects is presented below:

YEAR No of Candidates

1999 2386

2000 2543

2001 6922

2002 4924

2003 3417

2004 5511

2005 4358

2006 5463

2007 3606

2008 5608

2009 7204

2010 8757

2011 12314

2012 16049

2013 16197

2014 14904

2015 17051

NB: Governors that presided over the affairs of the state during these periods are as follows; {Lam Adesina (1999-2003), {Ladoja/Akala (2003-2007), {Akala (2007 – 2011) and Ajimobi (2011 till date).

All these figures can be easily checked and verified. Like him or hate him, anybody who wants to be like Ajimobi in terms of intelligence and excellent managerial skills will surely double his sleeves. The squirrel has ran passed the bridge and it has become bigger than hunter’s trap. The people are wise and detractors need to be told. Ajimobi is working and Oyo state is progressing.

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