Oyo Opposition elements and Adeleke’s victory in Osun

Oyo Opposition elements and Adeleke’s victory in Osun :

My take by Adewale Sadare

First and foremost, it has never been part of the APC plan to monopolize the political space by winning every election in the country as electoral mandate can only be given or withdrawn by the electorate as the situation may warrant. However, as a bona fide and responsible member of the Party, I would have wished that we win the Osun West Senatorial by-election of yesterday but it all went the way God had wanted it.

Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke (Erinlomo Serubawon) delivered his socio-political message even in death and lessons were learnt. Discerning political watchers and informed pundits know the factors that were responsible for the APC’s abysmal performance at that particular poll and a good percentage of them would agree with me that our winning streak is still potent and reliable only that certain corrections have to be made.

Be that as it may, every event has its own lesson and drama… Back home in Oyo State, most demystified political players and some Facebook politicians would not cease to celebrate buffoonery and self-delusion. Apart from the fact that Oyo and Osun states are not the same political terrain, the factors that gave victory to Mr. Ademola Adeleke at the Saturday poll do not suggest that the PDP is bouncing back or capable of coming back to reckoning. It was a self-inflicted injury for the APC but it was necessary and normal for its handlers to wake from their slumber.

The last time I checked, none of the SDP, LP, Accord or PDP elements in Oyo State can tell the world in all honesty that it was the name PDP that won the July 8 poll for Ademola Adeleke… A dead Isiaka Adeleke commanded voters’ respect in his state as a former governor and ‘two-term’ Senator but a living noise maker cannot win his Ward in Oyo State. I take pity on the toddler who feasts on potash/ashes. Lest I forget, prepare to mourn again as Ademola would do the needful as soon as he gets to the Red Chamber… Serubawon lives on!

Sadare, Publicity secretary of APC writes from Ibadan

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