Oyo govt to collaborate with police to stop medical quackery

Oyo govt to collaborate with police to stop medical quackery

Following its resolve to stem quackery in medical care, Oyo State government said it was to collaborate with Nigeria Police Force to enforce compliance of closure of unregistered hospitals and medical laboratories in the state.

Oyo State Commissioner for Health, Dr Azeez Adeduntan stated this after handing over of a fake doctor to the police in Ogbomoso as well as the closure of five hospitals and medical laboratories in the town.

The fake doctors, whose hospital was sealed months back had reopened it and had been carrying out surgeries, although he keeps his surgical equipment hidden away in a building far from the hospital.

Another hospital housed in two shops and registered in the name of its proprietor’s deceased sister was also sealed following lack of evidence by its proprietor of any qualified staff and certificates to substantiate her nursing training claim in Ghana.

The task force had inspected eight private hospitals and medical laboratories in Ogbomoso and sealed five for offences ranging from no current certificate of registration, dirty environment, inappropriate staffing and inadequate staffing among others.

Dr Adeduntan, speaking through Chairman, Oyo State Taskforce on Private Medical Practice, Dr Adebisi Ayoola, said collaboration with the police, the state government would completely run quacks out of the state.

The Commissioner, who said all hospitals and medical laboratories are mandated to be licensed yearly to practice in the state, said those operating with unqualified staff and below the minimum standard of practice would also be closed.

He said the move was coming after many petitions to his ministry on medical negligence, including preventable deaths, in many private medical facilities.

Dr Adeduntan, who said very soon, all private hospitals and medical laboratories would soon be validated, warned that any facility without qualified medical personnel on the ground to attend to emergencies or people on admission would also be sealed.

He also cautioned against hospitals and medical laboratories commencing operation without full approval and registration with Oyo State government, saying such when discovered will be sealed.

Courtesy :Tribune

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