Oyo Govt charges to shun all acts of violence, promote urban development.

Oyo Govt charges to shun all acts of violence, promote urban development.

The Oyo State government has been charged to curb crime, violence and flooding with an urban development plan that will check the growth of slums and vices associated with it in the state.

During a workshop held in Ibadan, an expert in urban risk reduction plan, Dr. Ibidun Adelekan, said the government would redress the imbalance in the ecosystem, reduce underdevelopment and poverty if an urban society like Ibadan was developed with a strict master plan. She also proposed the Ibadan City Risk Plan for the government.

She said, “To help the city of Ibadan to be more resilient, there is the need to develop a plan that will ensure risk reduction through coordinated data. Benefits of Ibadan city risk plan include the reduction in poverty, violence, unemployment, underdevelopment, and can also redress the imbalance in the ecosystem.

“There is the need to create awareness for Ibadan City Risk Plan in order to raise the consciousness of the authorities concerned. The main purpose of the workshop is to provide recommendations for the authorities and agencies responsible for the management of risk in Ibadan.”

In his address, Dr. Eze Nwokocha, who also delivered a paper, said that the expansion in Ibadan without risk management plan led to the emergence of slums.

He said, “Like what happened in other African cities like Johannesburg in South Africa, Nairobi in Kenya, expansion in Ibadan has led to changes because growth comes with issues related to risks. For example, people wanted to build their own homes but without a proper plan, this has given rise to the emergence of slums, which is associated with high risk and hazards.

“Floodings in 1980 and 2011 in Ibadan were occurrences that affected Ibadan men, women and the youth badly and this was due to the absence of a risk plan.”

The state Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Isaac Ishola, who was represented by the Director, Environmental Engineering, Adeola Ajani, said the state government was taking steps to address the problem of flooding by clearing drainages, water channels and canals.

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