The Oyo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC has uncovered plots by the evil designs to disrupt the peaceful conduct of the Wards congress scheduled to take place across the Wards Levels in the State.

Oyovoice.com Reporters gathers that Sources within the Oyo State chapter of APC uncovers that these elements have perfected plots to bring in people from Ogun State in collaboration with the opposition within to work against the wishes of Governor Abiola Ajimobi, scuttle and cause breakdown of law and order, despite the created ambience by the State Governor for a free and fair congresses .

The goal, it was gathered, is to distrupt or hijack the congresses, and that the many foot soldiers of the Ogun top shot have activated the action-plan.

“Just Wednesday a one page advert appeared in the Nation newspapers signed by 6 of the 14 House of Representatives members from Oyo State. From the content of the advert it is clear that this was a renegade group who while pledging allegiance to President Buhari and Asiwaju went completely silent on their sponsor”, our source, an aspirant and appointee in a federal parastatal informed.

There were also indications that a lawmaker from the state who lost a chance to install one of his cronies into a chairmanship slot leads the dissidents against Ajimobi, while another “fellow who breezed in from his United States base to snatch a House ticket to Abuja with the full support of Ajimobi and Asiwaju is also in the group of six plotting against the governor”, the source stated.

It was also alleged that the Ogun top shot who has a penchant to fish in other peoples pond, unbeknownst to Governor Ajimobi, exploited his closeness to the presidency to interfere in the compilation of names for Oyo State and a few other south west states, when the list of names for federal boards was being compiled.

It is alleged that the Ogun politician used two former aides of Ajimobi, and a diehard Atiku follower who had fallen out with him to help him accomplish the plan. He is said to have gotten from them the names of all those that have fallen out with Ajimobi from Oyo State irrespective of their party affiliations to be forwarded for board appointments.

“By the time the board list came out, it was a disaster for Oyo State. Members of Labour Party, PDP and Accord parties were announced over and above loyal APC members”, he said.

Emboldened, most of these board members are said to have regrouped into an internal opposition in Oyo State and are holding meetings. The last meeting was said to have held a few days ago at the behest of the Chief instigator with an agenda to disrupt the congresses.

The anti-Ajimobi camp are said to be busy claiming that they have Asiwaju Tinubu’s backing to wrestle the party from Governor Ajimobi.

“This is simply not true”, the source stated, adding, that “Of all the South western states. Oyo State lags miserable behind in federal appointments under the Buhari Administration. Coming second to last after Zamfara, Oyo has only 4 federal appointees. Ogun has 39. Lagos 33 and Ondo 7 Federal appointments.

“In the last three years, their boss has worked actively to undermine Asiwaju’s leadership of the south west. He has grabbed most of the choicest political appointments in the zone. Under the guise of working for the southwest he has fed his selfish needs.

“The likes of Bisi Akande, (Segun) Osoba, Tinubu and south west governors know he can not be trusted. His proclivities will certainly cost APC some decent votes in Oyo State and other south west states. The perception is out there and it’s strong that the presidency has aided his rouge behavior” the source alleged.

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