Oyo Assembly :Anti-Open Grazing Law to be passed in few weeks, Lawmaker assured

Oyo Assembly :Anti-Open Grazing Law to be passed in few weeks, Lawmaker assured.

The Deputy Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly, Barrister Musah Wasiu has made assurance that the bill on anti-open grazing will be passed in few weeks to come.

He made this disclosure on Saturday while featuring on the Ibadan-based Fresh FM radio programme, The Southwest Political Circuit.

Musa said the bill had passed the first reading, adding that the Assembly was determined to pass it to cement the legal foundation which will prevent herdsmen/farmers clashes in the state.

Whenreminded that the Minister of Defence had attributed the frosty relationship between herdsmen and farmers to the implementation of such laws in the states, Musa said the constitution vests the power to make laws for good governance on state Assemblies.
The lawmaker said nothing would stop Oyo State from passing and implementing the law, though he acknowledged that farmers and herdsmen enjoyed a cordial relationship in the state.

He noted that herdsmen and farmers lived peaceably together because the government, security agencies and community leaders sustained an established a security forum where potential crises were discussed and resolved.

The deputy speaker, who hails from Saki, Oke-Ogun area of the state, insisted that the area was inching closer to producing the next governor.

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