Oyo 2019 :I am very optimistic, Ajimobi would favour Okeogun zone, Adeolu Akande.

Oyo 2019 :I am very optimistic, Ajimobi would favour Okeogun zone, Adeolu Akande.

A Gubernatorial aspirant of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State, Professor Adeolu Akande, has remained optimistic about the chance of Okeogun zone of producing the next Agodi landlord following the preference given by the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Governor Abiola Ajimobi for the zone, noting that Ajimobi is a true leader with an impeccable pedigree who will walk his talks when the time comes. He further states that there should no longer be any iota of doubt in the previous statement of the Governor because it was a statement that he made in the public space.

Akande states this while attending to questions with the Newsmen,  stressing that he is neither worried nor perturbed about the lingering issues surrounding the Local Government election, saying that Politics is dynamic and that series of issues are springing up day by day.

”On the issue of the primaries, the party’s constitution is clear on how to elect candidates for elections. And where those provisions are not followed, whoever is aggrieved within the party, has a channel established by the party for people to express their grievances. The party has a provision for people to make complaints and I do know that people have made complaints. I believe the party will take appropriate steps to respect the views of the members within the context of the constitution of the party on the emergence of candidates.

In a democracy, we have to be patient. Sometimes, it is tedious and takes a lot of time. So, we must have the democratic temperament to follow the law. If you do that, it may take some time, but eventually the law will triumph. So, I believe that the provisions of the law will take precedence over any other consideration on the conduct of local government election. After seven years, Oyo State will eventually have credible local government elections”

He iterates that ambition of every aspirant in Okeogun area and other parts of the state is a free world and notes that intimacy with the people will afford who leads the state in the next political dispensation.

”My personal conviction is that every aspirant has a duty to go to the party members and market himself regardless of where the aspirant comes from. Irrespective of the number of aspirants, there are those who will still be able to connect themselves more appropriately with the voting public. The idea of many people coming out to contest is not limited to Oke-Ogun. We probably have as many as 15 aspirants from Ibadan, whereas in Oke-Ogun we are only six from APC. This is the first time we will have a high number of aspirants coming out from Oke-Ogun. When they say we are not united, I don’t know where that is coming from because all over the years, the people in Oke-Ogun have been contented playing the role of deputy governor. So, if they are not united, it will be probably that they are not united on who will be the deputy governor. People from Oke-Ogun have not really seriously contested the governorship of the state. So, I do not think that that position holds water. I believe that, regardless of all these sentiments, every aspirant has a duty to go out and connect with the people. Regardless of the number of aspirants from any part of the state, I believe if anyone believes in himself and connects with the people, that person can win. This is a democracy. You can’t tell somebody who has an ambition not to express it. So, I don’t believe many people should not come out from Oke-Ogun. It is not the way to play. As an aspirant from Oke-Ogun, there is nothing that says I can’t win more of the delegates from Ibadan or Oyo or in Ogbomosho or Ibarapa. It requires hard work. I will rather work hard than spend so much energy on pruning down the list of aspirants from Oke-Ogun”

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