Oppositions are never a threat to APC in Oyo State – Dr Moronkola Thomas.

Oppositions are never a threat to APC in Oyo State – Dr Moronkola Thomas.


Dr Moronkola Thomas, the Executive Assistant to Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State on Political Matters has described the opposition parties in the State as Paper Tigers, stressing that the amalgamation plan of the challenging parties would never hold the water of the ruling party in the next general elections.


According to him, Accord is in two factions in the state. I don’t see the Accord party standing together again. The SDP is not a party, but an estate of Seyi Makinde; It is an association of Seyi Makinde and his followers. In 2015, Seyi Makinde spent billions of naira, but you ask how many wards or polling booths did he win. Seyi Makinde is being pushed by his deep pockets; he is better a philanthropist than a politician. Makinde is never a political threat to anyone. Seyi Makinde’s polling booth is right beside his father’s house, yet he lost it. So how can someone who cannot win his polling booth be a threat to us? Shortly before the 2015 election, Accord Party wounded itself internally by their method of imposition. After the 2015 election, a number of them joined the APC. Many of the people who helped the Accord Party in 2015 are now with us. The Arapajas, Adewusis, Olaniyans, a major financier of Accord Party, are now with us. And I am very sure that before the end of this year, we would have received a huge number of Accord Party members into our party. So, if Accord is leading a coalition against us, it will be a coalition of weak parties against a strong APC. It is not very easy to manage political alliances and mergers – even the APC knows all it went through to stay afloat. I learnt Seyi Makinde and Labour Party are thinking of a Seyi Makinde/Lanre Agoro ticket. How can that hurt us? Can Lanre Agoro win in Saki, when the Dibu Ojerindes have left to pitch their tent with us? We are not making noise now, but we are working round the clock to make sure that strong people that can be obstacles are attracted to our party, and we will ensure that our strong people do not leave.


He made this disclosure while reacting to questions with a correspondent of Nigerian Tribune, WALE AKINSELURE on plans of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to face the opposition in the 2019 general election, how the national leadership of the party should address its challenges, how Ajimobi’s successor will emerge and posture of the state government on conducting local government election.


He opines that Ajimobi’s successor would emerge in accordance with the performance of the present administration in the State.

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