OBA ABIMBOLA SPEAKS ON. “Flowers die, Stories end, Memories fade, Everything comes to an end.”

Flowers die, Stories end, Memories fade, Everything comes to an end – “omnibus est moriendum……”

A man once lived on the surface of this fragile earth; he came, he saw and of course, he conquered. He left his indelible imprints on the minds of the young and the old, the strong and the weak, the major and the minor, the hapless and the affluent, the geriatrics, and pediatrics and all and sundry. In no over exaggeration, there was a man of flesh and blood but of uncommon personality. A man tantamount to courage, bravery, fearlessness, valorousness, audaciousness, undaunteness, valiancy, heroism and legendary.
He is no other person than the late Okere of Saki Land, OBA TIJANI ABIMBOLA OYEDOKUN II JP.

I have met and heard about a lot of clever people but I have met very few as intelligent as Oba Abimbola. “He said what you were saying before you had said it; he saw through what you were saying, and if you weren’t careful, he saw through you as well” (Z.A. Abimbola). He was indeed a model, an idea, an ideal of how a man should be with his family, with people and with his town.

Words are however inaccurate and impotent to put the life and times of this great man in black and white, but with a grounded fact, I am well-positioned to say that Oba Tijani Abimbola was an apostle of peace, a spiritual warlord, a polemic warrior, a widely acclaimed pace setter, an oracle of change, a fearless and courageous being, and an emblem of intelligence and wisdom. He displayed vigor without vanity, strength without ferocity and all the virtuous of a natural commander without his vices.

Indeed, there was a man. It’s been long he exited the stage but his spirit, memory, feelings and exploits still speak after him. One of such means by which he speaks on, is through the Annual Oba Abimbola Memorial Lecture organized by the Ife Varsity Saki Students’ Union.

I’m pleased at this juncture to unveil and relay to us the 11th Edition of the Lecture under the sponsorship of Justice Muta Abimbola (the Chief Judge of Oyo State). The lecture is to be delivered by our own amiable Professor Sirajudeen Adam on the 30th December, 2017 by 10:00 am at the Saki Parapo Town Hall. Make it a day with the late Oba Abimbola; you cannot afford to miss it!

Ojenike Julius Oluwaseun
President (2016/2017 Session)
Ife Varsity Saki Students’ Union.

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