No going back on Yoruba summit -Yinka Odumakin


No going back on Yoruba summit -Yinka Odumakin





The planning committee secretary of the Yoruba Summit, Mr Yinka Odumakin,has insisted that there is no going back on the planned Yoruba summit slated to hold on September 7, 2019, aiming at dialogue on the fundamental of Nigerian Nation.



Odumakin made this disclosure on Friday while attending to questions on Telephone with the correspondent of Nigerian tribune in Ibadan .


According to him, the planned summit would be  placed under the ambit of the law and peacefully which means to discuss the state of affairs of the country.



He disclosed that the summit would be presided over by the renowned legal luminary, Chief Age Babalola SAN and would have in attendance the South West governors, traditional rulers and prominent leaders of thoughts, among others, in the zone.



His statement reads :



“What we are planning to do at the Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan on September 7, 2019 is not a rally. Rather, we are holding a summit to discuss the place of the Yoruba people in the national agenda.


“It is a solemn summit of the Yoruba people; a gathering of Yoruba people from within and outside the country to deliberate on the state of the nation and to articulate an agenda for our people. It is also aimed at the realisation of the common aspirations of our people,” he said.


Odumakin also dismissed insinuations that the summit may be seen as confrontational against the stand of President Buhari, noting that it was a peaceful and legitimate gathering of a constituent part of the country.


“There is nothing confrontational about the summit. The president didn’t speak against our programme in his broadcast on Monday. He even acknowledged that every group has grievances and legitimate concerns.


“If he speaks, it is his opinion and he is entitled to it. His opinion is very important in the issues at stake because he has the mandate of the people. But other people have their own opinions too and he should bow to and accept superior arguments and opinions.


“A healthy and progressive nation is all about discussions, a daily and continuous deliberation on issues affecting all its constituent parts.


“Don’t forget that, even the late Sani Abacha repressive regime couldn’t stop the 1995 National Conference. Now, we are in a democratic country where the opinion of the people must be respected.


“Yoruba people are coming from all over the country and outside the shores of Nigeria. We are not going to the summit to foment trouble. All over the world, the Yoruba are not known to be hooligans or thugs.


“We are a peace-loving and law-abiding people and we are gathering in Ibadan to discuss our common interests. It is a solemn gathering to discuss issues affecting us in the nation called Nigeria,” he added.



Odumakin also said the summit was not sponsored by any single individual or politicians, disclosing that “the financiers are the ordinary Yoruba people who are contributing their N10,000, N20,000, N50,000, according to their abilities, to a worthy cause.”


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