Nigeria Must Live Up To It International Obligations- Sunmonu

Nigeria Must Live Up To It International Obligations- Sunmonu

Senator Monsurat Sunmonu has appealed the Federal Government to live up to its international obligations.

In a motion moved on the floor of the Senate on 13 June 2017, the Senator representing Oyo Central urged the Federal Government to ensure it achieves its obligations under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, recently signed by President Buhari.

Stating that Climate Change is a reality facing the world Sunmonu, who is the Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, stated that if care was not taken the earth would be destroyed.

Sunmonu’s plea was in light of President Trump’s threat to remove the United States from the historic Paris Agreement, wherein over 140 countries promised to decrease CO2 emissions to counter the effects of Climate Change.

She further stated that while many western countries had infrastructure to deal with the effects of Climate Change which include drought and flooding, Nigeria and Africa generally needed to better its infrastructure and also hold the world’s largest CO2 emitters accountable.

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