Mild-drama: Saki-born new Alhaji brutally beaten up by Soldiers in Saki.

Mild-drama: Saki-born new Alhaji brutally beaten up by Soldiers in Saki.

Some unknown soldiers have allegedly assaulted and brutally beaten up a bloody Civilian, Alhaji Maleek who impregnated wife of a Soldier,Mr. Akeebu in Saki,Oyo State.

Oyovoice investigations show that the Soldier, Mr. Akeebu was away from his hometown for an official assignment at Sambisa Forest with a view to curbing the insurgent group called Bokoharam which resulted in the adultery and extra-marital affairs between his wife,Adeola Olaitan and the alleged man who impregnated the wife.

It was gathered that the pregnancy was noticed from Adeola who is a mother of two through her incessant sickness which resulted to have carried out a pregnancy test for her and the result showed that she was pregnant not knowing fully well that she is carrying a baby of another bloody civilian.

A friend to the Army Officer who was holding brief for him informed him that his wife is carrying a pregnance and the woman was approached by the Soldier when he returned home in commemoration of the Eil-el-fitr and it was then that the woman confessed that she was tested to have been carrying a three-month old pregnant and the husband was physically disturbed and surprise because he was away for long.

Oyovoice Reporters gathers that it was when the Soldier tormented the wife that she confessed the true resemblance of the alleged man who is identified as Alhaji Maleek whose house is at a close range to the Soldier house.

The Soldier, according to reports went ahead to report the Saga to his superior Officers at the barracks and it was instructed that the man be invited for authenticity of the development and it was on spotting to his residence that they found out that he had gone to the Holy land to observe this year’s Hajj and a note was delivered to his wife to report at the Army barracks whenever he returned home.

According to findings, Alhaji Maleek and his family have been working round the clock so as to avert further beating as being perceived, approaching Lawyers for legal actions and meeting the who is who who are moneybags in Saki and the yielded to the Moneybags’ advice that influence of money who be engineered in order to find the lasting solutions to the matter.

It was gathered that it was when the alleged man returned from Mecca that they made agreement to settle the top officers of the Nigerian Army, Saki West Chapter. He drove to the barracks alongside two other influential personalities (names with held) in Saki with huge amount and it was on spotting the barracks that his accompanies were assaulted with serious beaten before they later bounced on the accused person who was beaten to a point of death with hard labour.

Research made us to understand that Alhaji Maleek and the woman met on Facebook not too long and they became very close when the husband was not around which developed to the affairs between them. According to reports, they used to meeting inside Alhaji Maleek’s Factory Water .

It was reliably informed that the man is currently being treated at one of the private Hospitals in the Community (Hospital’s name with held).


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