Many things people do not know about Adegoke Adelabu, foremost Nigerian politician who died in a car crash in 1958.

Many things people do not know about Adegoke Adelabu, foremost Nigerian politician who died in a car crash in 1958.


Adegoke Adelabu was a foremost politician in the defunct western region of Nigeria and leader of NCNC.
He was arch rival to Chief Obafemi Awolowo, premier of old western region and leader of Action Group.
Unfortunately, he died in a terrible car crash in Ijebuland, the territory of Obafemi Awolowo in 1958.
His sudden death led to mass protest which resulted to the death of over 20 people in Ibadan.


oyovoice recalls things to know about him.

1. Gbadamosi Adegoke Adelabu hailed from Ibadan, born at Oke Oluokun, Kudeti area of Ibadan, Oyo on September 3, 1915.

2. He attended St David’s C.M.S. School, Kudeti, Ibadan and finished Standard IV and V at C.M.S. Central school, Mapo.

3. From 1931 to 1936, he attended Government College, Ibadan where he completed his secondary education as the head boy of the school. In 1936, he passed the entrance examination into Yaba Higher College and he won a scholarship from UAC to study commerce at the college.

4. After 6 months he left the college with his scholarship unused. He was offered employment by UAC as an assistant to the Ibadan district manager, an expatriate Adelabu had met a year earlier. His first assignment was a tour of the cocoa producing areas of Ibadan province.

5. He was a quintessential Politician in Ibadan politics and that of the Western region of Nigeria right before the country’s independence in 1960.

6. He was Nigeria’s minister of natural resources and social services from January 1955 to January 1956 and was later the opposition leader in the Western regional assembly until his death in 1958.

7. He was the first African manager of the United Africa Company (UAC) at age 21 in 1936, Nigeria’s first Federal minister of social services and natural resources at age 39 in 1954, first chairman the old Ibadan district council in 1954, former first national vice, later the president of the now defunct NCNC political party, former leader of opposition in the old Western region house of assembly and leader of the NCNC western delegation to the 1957 constitutional conference in London.

8. Adegoke Adelabu remained ever one of the most brilliant political minds in Nigeria.

9. At that time, Adelabu was at loggerhead with Obafemi Aowolowo, premier of western region then.

10. He died on March 25, 1958 while returning after the meeting. He was not aware of dying that day.

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