Latest Update on the Imbroglio Rocking the Commercial Motorcyclists in Saki Community.

-State government condemns Okada Riders over Jungle justice.


The Oyo State Government has condemned the lingering crisis that resulted to the damage and vandalism of some Property of the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO), Saki branch.


This followed the breakdown of a meeting convened in Ibadan with the Honourable Commissioner for Works and Transport, Oladimeji Dauda and unleashed to all attendees at the Saki City Hall during a gathering aiming at finding the lasting solutions to the clash of will.

At the meeting held in the Community, the State government under the leadership of the Commisioner for works and transport, Hon. Oladimeji Dauda (Azeezu) was reportedly decried the drama displayed by the Okada Riders which led to the distortion of law and order of the Community with a bandwagon effect on the property and officers in Charge of the Agency in the Community.


The Commissioner was reliably reported that the State government would not lift the ban on Commercial Motorcycle Operators who destroyed government asset until they are fully repaired.


The Commissioner was also quoted that despite the State government mandate for the Officers in charge of Saki West, Saki East and ATISBO Local government area to raise 350 a sum of N350,000 every month as target ,they could not raise the fund as IGR, stressing that Iseyin Local government area alone is raising N400,000 ,Eruwa community raises N700,000,among others on a monthly basis.


The Commissioner was also reported to have decried the high rate of Commercial Motorcycle Operators associations in the Community.

He said empathically that Saki Motorcyclists have 25 Associations as against 4 they ought to have and he has now made his position known that a number of Commercial Motorcycle Operators Associations would be reduced to 4 for effectiveness and efficiency.
His statement further explained that the motorcyclists would now be remitting a sum of N1.2m to the account of State in charge of the operation.

The Commissioner was reported that he would appear in the Community for a meeting on Thursday so as to address the Okada Riders before their usual outings and undertaking would be signed in order to avert its reoccurrence in the future .

The Commissioner was reported to have also commended the fatherly roles played by the Community leaders, Council of Obas and Chiefs, Security Personnel, Religious Leaders especially the Bagii of Sakiland, High Chief Adegokeh Abdrasheed Gazali so as to avert hullabaloo in the Community.



In swift reactions of the Parapo crew who joined in attendance at the meeting held in Ibadan, the Paparo Representatives urged the Commissioner to use his good office to ameliorate the pains of the people in the Community. The stressed further that the Commercial Motorcycle Operators are playing prominent roles to ease the movement of the Commuters in the four corners of the town.


They assured the Okada Riders that the issue would be resolved and the ban would be lifted as soon as the government takes decision for their continued outings.


The Okada Riders were also charged to ensure that indigenous Citizens of the town take the mantle of leadership of the Association,.stating the Destroyers of the VIO’s Station were non-indigenes because no illustrious sons of the soil would want to damage government’s property sited in the land.


They availed the gathering to clear the air about the insinuations and speculations that peddling around that Parapo crew and other concerned individuals have collaborated to dwindle the Okada Riders,stating that nothing of such exist and should be widely dismissed and disregarded. .


They made it crystal clear that the Parapo people are men of integrity with impeccable characters.

They also urged the Commercial Motorcycle Operators to always avert anything that can break the peace and law of the land, stating that development of the Community should be their priorities.


In response to the Parapo , the Representatives of the Parapo at the gathering appreciate the group that encompasses all other groups in the land over their courage and carriage exhibited over the matter.



They prayed for its timely intervention.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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