Hon Sugar Reacts to “National Assembly Resolutions” as He Convenes Peoples Assembly in Nation’s Interest.

In reaction to the bills passed by the 8th Assembly in order to make major amendments in the Nigerian Constitution, Hon. (Dr) Temitope Sugar has reacted to the “Not too young to run bill.”

Three out of the bills passed has been brought to lime light with the fact that it concerns the masses, such bills are: Not too young to run bill, Independent Candidacy and deletion of State Inec from constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria (CFRN). These bills are meant to expand political space and broaden the options for the electorate.

Honourable representing Lagelu and Akinyele federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Temitope sugar reacted to the achievement of the bills passed by the National Assembly in an exclusive media conference. He however registered his displeasure on why devolution of powers to states and local government autonomy didn’t scale through. He maintained that too much powers are concentrated at the Centre and had wished that states and local governments are strengthened to bring more developments to the people at the Grassroots whose welfare is the main purpose of democratic governance.

He said, “The 8th assembly has always tailored their decisions towards the benefit of the masses but often misconstrued by the public.” This is why Hon. Sugar is determined to bring dividends of democracy to his people at all cost, he therefore used the opportunity to beckon on stakeholders of the state to be part of the Legislative arm of Government by coming up with pressing issues of national and state interest to him as their representative in order to speak their minds to the national assembly.

In this regard, an all inclusive stakeholders’ forum in Oyo State named “PEOPLES ASSEMBLY” shall be convened soon by Hon Sugar to pre-dissect pressing issues including socio-economic, educational, health, institutional and infrastructural gap issues amongst others. The forum shall host seasoned discussants from academics, the civil society, different professional institutions and artisan bodies, trade unions and so on.

The lawmaker concluded by saying “I thank all those currently working with me on issues of my constituency, State and National interest especially our erudite scholars that have sent memoranda to me that need to be tabled before the National Assembly and I promise to strive to see that those bills get the endorsement of the National Assembly in due course”.

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