Divorce :My wife is a parrot, Husband tells Court in Ibadan 

Divorce :My wife is a parrot, Husband tells Court in Ibadan

AFTER several adjournments for possible settlement had failed, Mokola Grade ‘C’ Customary Court sitting at Inalende, Ibadan, Oyo State, has finally dissolved a 9-year-old marriage between a 60-year-old man, Safiu Gbadamosi and his 44-year-old wife, Toyin Gbadamosi.

“I want our marriage dissolved because my mother-in-law did not allow me to enjoy my wife; she foments trouble in my matrimonial home. Another reason I want a separation from this woman is that she goes to my friends’ houses telling them everything about us. I have warned her several times against this habit but she has refused to change. I can’t tolerate her behaviour any longer, please, separate us,” Safiu pleaded before the court.

Safiu further stated that he had reported his wife to his family members, but all except his younger brother took sides with her.

The defendant, Toyin Gbadamosi, a house wife, agreed to a divorce.

“My husband has refused to pay my dowry since we got married despite my mother’s request that he did so.

“I have appealed to him on many occasions to give me money to start a business but he keeps promising me he will do so. I took up a menial job in order to meet my children’s needs when he failed to fulfill his promise.

“My husband’s main reason for seeking divorce is to shed his responsibilities as husband and father, ” the defendant said.

Giving his judgment, the court president Mr Olafenwa Ramoni Ola-city ordered Safiu to pay his wife a sum of N3, 000 to pack her belongings out of his house, and also pay her and additional N12, 000 to secure another accommodation.

He was further asked to pay the sum of N5, 000 per month as their children’s feeding allowance.

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