Darus Salam Group of School Held her End-of-Year Celebrations at the School Premises Yesterday.

There was a celebration galore as the end of the school year under the leadership of Alhaji Salman Alapinni came with exciting celebrations for the children, staff, and parents of the
Darus Salam Model College at Olorunsogo Area in Saki Community Area on Wednesday,July 27,2017.

It was like a jamboree when each of the classrooms put on performances for their parents that they had been planning for weeks beforehand with their teachers.

These included cultural dances ,Literary and Quiz Competition, alongside with presentations classes by classes to show off to proud parents.

For example, the creche and kindergarten displayed wonderful performance in front row of their audience and the senior classes were also not left out of the fold.

In fact, the Celebrities displayed their skills in Arabic, English and Yoruba languages and had a chance to put on some spirited dance numbers.

It was inspiring to see how easily they took on the roles of men and women trying to create some order during the occasion .

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