You are A Confused being – Group tackles Niyi Akintola

A socio-political group under the aegis of Forum for Democratic Equity and Justice, FDEJ, has described an Ibadan-based lawyer, Chief Adeniyi Akintola as a bundle of contradictions following a statement credited to the senior advocate that the call for Okeogun to produce the next Oyo governor is unconstitutional.

Akintola, had over the weekend, while interacting with journalists, said the agitation for power shift in the state, especially by the people of Okeogun, is needless.

A statement by the group’s chairman, Comrade Bashir Muyiwa Alade, didn’t only describe the former deputy speaker as a bundle of contradictions, it stated that the lawyer is his own enemy as he has always contradicted himself.

The statement reads further:

‎”Though we don’t know under which party he will contest, Akintola has always been talking about gatekeepers as those who will decide who becomes Oyo governor. We would like to know if that is constitutional.

“We would have kept silent and accepted the statement as one of his normal outbursts which many people know him for but for record purpose. For once, Akintola should stop dropping names.

“He should be reminded that millions of party men worked for the success of the All Progressives Congress, APC. His acclaimed investment in the APC cannot win him anything.

“He should be advised that anywhere in the world, zoning is key, especially in allaying the fears of the minority. Since 1999, Nigeria has always followed this process. In fact, Akintola should be reminded about the composition of the incumbent administration in Nigeria,” it explained.

Saying that Akintola is an advocate of zoning, ‎the statement reads: “If this is the way former governors and incumbent governor Abiola Ajimobi had carried their aspirations, they wouldn’t have become governors. Akintola should be humble, though we know he is not. Decorum doesn’t exist in his dictionary.

‎”We will even like to know the personality he is referring to. Who among the aspirants jostling to succeed Governor Abiola Ajimobi has not worked assiduously for the state, even more than Akintola? He should not force us to say things we would want to keep away from the preying ears of the people,” it said.

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