Candidates to Replace Unappointable Chairmen Nominees Unclear in Oyo State

It is unclear whom the Oyo State House of Assembly would confirm to succeed the three controversial unappointable chairmen nominees for Irepo local government and Asabari local council development area and also the swearing in of another person by the executive arm to replace the already screened and approved person for Lagelu West local council development area.

Oyovoice gathered that the Hallowed Chamber is moving quickly and expeditiously to pick interim replacement of the affected councils as they are doing their dues diligently.

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Recall that House rejected the nominees for Irepo local government and Asabari local council area, Agbaje and Taiwo Adeleke respectively over a vote of no confidence and the House directed the affected chairmen to stop parading themselves as local government caretaker chairmen and ordered, the divisional police officer (DPO) in charge of those council areas to get them arrested and hand them over to the Commissioner of Police if they violated the order.

It was reported that some individuals from the affected councils have been working round the clock to replace the unappointable chairmen nominees but the ball in now in the court of the State Governor who would nominate who gets what and the House that would make final ratification.


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