Biography Estate Valuer, ESV. ISMAIL ARE BIN BE ADEWOYIN

A culture of DISCIPLINE is not a principle of business,it is a principle of GREATNESS.
He was born about 5 decades ago to aged parents as the last issue of the family. His birth was surrounded in controversy. The mother, a petty trader was famous for her simplicity, humorous, social and embodiment of piety. She was never known to have quarrelled with anybody. She was married on her return from Ghana as a maiden to the father as a second wife due to lack of issue in the first marriage. After about 5years of no issue from the two marriages, the father went further to take a third wife, who within a year had an issue, a son.
Not quite a year of the arrival of the first son, the first wife got pregnant and had a male and other two sons in succession. Ismail Adewoyin’s mother remained steadfast and took responsibilities of the four sons. All the four sons sleeps in her room. She nurtured them without animosity.


A cleric was passing by on a beautiful day and saw this woman of substance taking care of four sons none of which is hers. The cleric, stop by and gave her a good news that she’s destined to have two sons.
After 15years of marriage came the her first son, my own very senior brother. She and other members of the family were full of joy. She took full responsibilities of all the five sons, all still sleeping in her room. Year in year out, she expected the coming of her second son but alas, she reached menopause and lost hope. After almost 8years of having her first son, she started experiencing strange feelings of pregnant. With advice of her friend married to a health officer, she approached maternity home at Isale Taba and it was confirmed that she’s pregnant.
The news was broken to her husband who shouted on her that she can’t be serious with the news. She was not taken seriously till the delivery date approached and paid an antenatal visit to the same and only clinic in Saki at that time. She was examined and admitted immediately. Few hours later, she was delivered of a baby boy.
The news was received with midst feeling, one, it was a taboo at that time and sign of laziness for a pregnant woman to approach a clinic. The delivery at maternity home then was an exclusive reserve for the elites.
None of the family members paid her a visit at the clinic until she was discharged. Though the father as usual, was on a business trip. He returned few days to the naming ceremony to receive the good news. He was overwhelmed with joy, referring to the cleric’s prediction which just come to past.
The son was named Ismail Adebimpe (last born), Kolawole (as the business trip was a successful one for the father) son of Jimoh Adewoyin. People gathered from far and wide to celebrate the naming ceremony but none remembered to register the birth date, till today, it remains a misery. As a result of these, and given the little information available, 27th February, 1968 has been chosen as his official age.
He started his elementary school at L. A. Primary School, Isale Taba between 1972 and 1978. He was to proceed to then Modern School but the father insisted that he joined him on his business. Within two years, he bought a bicycle of his own without collecting a penny from my father. In 1979, Chief Hon. Peter Ogunesan became a councillor in his ward and it was he that approached his father to allow him further his education. This saw him into joining the ‘Bola Ige children’ as those that first benefitted the free education programme of his administration were called. 1979/1980 session, and passed the school certificate /WASC in 1985.
He got admitted to The Polytechnic, Ibadan satellite campus, Saki to study Estate Management. He completed OND in 1988 and after a mandatory one year industrial training, he proceeded to the main campus in Ibadan for the HND.
By 1991/92 academic session, he graduated. In June 2000, he became an Associate member of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (NIESV) and eventually registered as a Chartered Estate Surveyor & Valuer by the Estate Surveyors & Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria (ESVARBON) in 2002. Data available shows that apart from Professor B. T. Aluko of Obafemi Awolowo University who was born and brought up in Saki but of Ijesha parents, he happened to be the first full blood Saki indigene to be registered as a Chartered Estate Surveyor and Valuer.
He did a Master’s degree in Housing Development & Management from the Center for Urban & Regional Planning, University of Ibadan in 2006. Apart from this academic certificates, he was being severally awarded participatory certificates in the Mandatory Continuous Professional Development trainings organized by both Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers & Estate Surveyors & Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria.
Working Experience:
After his One year NYSC was completed in Jos, Plateau State at that foremost estate firm – Daniyan Associates, Jos. After completion, he migrated to Lagos in 1992 but started work as a Pupil Surveyor in the firm Segun Williams & Co. where he rose to become an Associate Partner. During this period, he sat for his professional examinations and passed all the papers at first attempt. In 1996, he joined a construction company also in Lagos named Stofek Nig. Ltd. He had a sting of 1year in the company before joining Jide Taiwo & Co, a firm of Estate Surveyors & Valuers in 1997 and transferred to Ibadan office as a Senior Surveyor. He was later transferred back to in Lagos in July 2002. By February 6, 2013, he tendered his resignation letter and established his private practice under the name and style- Ismail Adewoyin & Co, with office at Anthony Village, Lagos. By 2014, Ibadan branch was established at the highbrow Lebanon Street, Dugbe. The Lagos branch was later closed for convenience and ability to attend to family needs and completed his master’s degree at University of Ibadan.
As the Principal Partner at Ismail Adewoyin & Co, the firm became the sole registered Estate Surveyors & Valuers firm on retainership of Multi-Links Telecommunications Limited. This took the firm’s technical team led by the Principal Partner to states like Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Kwara. Niger, Kebbi, Sokoto, Kogi, Kaduna and Kano states on sites acquisition. The firm has also embarked on major contracts like the Federal and Oyo state government landed properties valuation, Shell Oil Producing Ltd, Procter & Gamble. Osun River Basin Development Authority etc.
– He was formerly a member of Rotary Club of Ibadan Central, Kokodome.
-A member ,Ansar-ud-deen Society, Liberty Ibadan
– A member ,(Ibadan branch pioneer) NASFAT
– A member Temidire Muslim Community, Behind NIHORT Idi Isin, Ibadan
– The Chief Convener, Okeogun Project Forum
He is happily Married and blessed with children.
He loves Reading, Traveling, engaging in community works.

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