Bagii,other top High Chiefs attend burial ceremony of Mustapha’s mother in Saki.

The 8 days Fidau prayer for 95-year-old deceased who passed away on Saturday August 12,2017], late Nimatallahi Moteleola Adufe Mustapha on Saturday [August 19,2019] witnesses the attendance of the foremost High Chief in Sakiland, High Chief Adegokeh Abdrasheed Gazali, the Bagii of Sakiland.

The funeral ceremony, which took place at the LA Primary School, Isale Taba ,Saki also has in attendance, Mr Niyi Lawal, the IBEDC customer care Manager, Saki branch.

The deceased was the mother of Mr Taiwo Niran Mustapha, Director of Personnel (Tescom) and Kehinde Jibreel Mustapha ( INEC Officer), Abuja.

Joining Bagii of Sakiland at the burial ceremony are top High Chiefs including Balee of Sepeteri, High Chief Jimoh Adigun, Bada of Sakiland, High Chief Solomon, High Chief Olanreju, Agbakin of Oojo community in Ibadan

The Chief Lecturer at the gathering was Shiek Dr Abdul Barry Adetunji, an Islamic Scholar.

Uthman Komolafe, a business tycoon was also one of the top dignitaries that grace the occasion.

Others who attend the funeral included a league of Imams and Alfas including Ustaz Alh Thaaminu Saruq, Alfa Taoheed Hashim Elefi, Abdulhakeem Lawal Mayowa, Tijani Oluwakemi among others.



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