The Bagii of Sakiland calls for Unity at the Saki Parapo 2018 grand finale on Saturday.

The Bagii of Sakiland calls for Unity at the Saki Parapo 2018 grand finale on Saturday.

Bagii of Sakiland has called on all the Royal fathers within the Saki to embrace peace and promote unity among themselves and the rekindling of their communal spirit for the rapid development of the area, urging them to imbibe the virtues of love and tolerance with one another.

High Chief, Adegokeh Abdurrasheed and other High Chiefs 

According to him, humility, self-less service, welfare of the people, trust-worthiness, sacrifice, religious tolerance, peace and stability for all are his major priorities.

High Chief Adegokeh Abdurrasheed made this plea at the Traditional cultural and social activities to mark the end of this year’s annual celebration of the Saki Parapo, an event that takes place at the Saki City Hall on Saturday January 20, 2018.

Dr Sulaiman Lawani and other dignitaries 

Addressing the gathering, the Bagii of Sakiland gives all praises to God, the Master of all creators whose by His grace, everyone is life, he acknowledges the present of the High Chiefs including Aganmu, Balee Sepeteri, Balee Iyaa, Iya Lóde and among others seated.

High Chief Adegokeh specifically thanks the Saki Parapo crew over the courage and carriage exhibited since the inception of the year 2018 anniversary, noting that he used to monitoring the entire activities when he was out of the country on the social network, noting that it is a pointer to the fact that Saki is making progress.

He expresses satisfaction with key Traditional Chiefs’ participation at the memorable occasion,urging Saki High Chiefs to be united and work as a team in the overall interest of the Community and its people.

He prays that God will continue to bless Sakiland and her people .

The cultural activities see the gathering of illustrious sons and daughters of the town from home and in Diaspora.

Highlight of the occasion was traditional Ìgunnu display, Ògún display, Ifá display
that thrill the spectators with other mouth-watering performances.

In attendance are the Saki Parapo Association under the leadership of Dr. Sulaiman Lawani and others.


Saki people in Diaspora 

Security agents are also not left out at the grand finale as they are on ground to prevent the activities of hoodlums and miscreants.

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