▪That since 2014, Oyo state has been ranked by the Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission and Nigerian Bureau of Statistics among the top 5 most investment-friendly states in Nigeria?

▪That before 2013, Oyo state languished in the 26th position amongst the 36 states of the country in terms of investment friendliness and opportunities?

▪That in order to attract investments, #Koseleri focused primarily on ensuring peace and security that once seemed unachievable by past governments?

▪That our state embarked on providing enabling infrastructure for investment opportunities by the way of rural and urban road construction, about 2,000km till date?

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▪That #Koseleri also provided administrative infrastructure, setting up a ‘Bureau of Investment Promotion’ to focus on piloting, procuring & promoting Oyo-centric investments?

▪That a 4000-hectare Free Trade Zone (FTZ) was set up to encourage an influx of both indigenous & foreign investments?

▪That 162 plots of this FTZ has been commissioned as the Polaris Pacesetter Industrial Park, with 157 foreign companies already registering interest to pitch in?

▪That 7 of these foreign companies will start operations by the end of this year, 2017?

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▪ That what all these above means to the Oyo state citizen is a minimum of 20,000 gainful jobs, a surge in intra-state commerce, over $250 million turnover, and a bustling economy that breeds wealth for all?

▪That already, in the past 4 years, #Koseleri policies has attracted $65 million in investments and 34 new companies across the state?


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