N100m :Eminent dignitaries grace Ago-are fund raising ceremony .

N100m :Eminent dignitaries grace Ago-are fund raising ceremony .

The sons and daughters of Ago-are community have on Saturday November 25 ,2017 converged at Basega Grammar School, Ago-are, Atisbo local government area for its unprecedented anniversary and 100 million naira fund raising ceremony.

The Chairman of the occasion warmly welcomed all attendees to the remarkable event. He salutes the State’s Governor , Senator Abiola Ajimobi was was ably represented, the Traditional Rulers, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, Captain of industries and many others seated. He recalled that the existing palace is out of use which is very challenging for the illustrious sons and daughters of the community. He reiterated that the Paramount Ruler of Agoare deserves the best . He however appealed to all and sundry to contribute meaningfully to the project and pledged that the names of individuals who contributed would be recorded in the golden record of the community.

His statement reads :

“The Executive Governor of Oyo State, The Royal Fathers Here Present, The Chairman of this History Occasion, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you most cordially to the occasion of the Fund Raising Of 100 million naira towards the construction of an Ultra-modern Royal Palace for the Aare of Ago-are land. In your journey, you stopped in a community of warm and peace loving people renowned for their Hospitality.

You are in the right place. You are welcome to the historic town of Agoare, the Home of Hospitality and Peace, where it has pleased the Almighty to install His Royal Majesty, Oba Dr. Abodunrin Oyetunji Kofoworola Olakanla II on the throne of his ancestors. The need to build a new Royal Palace.

The existing palace which doubles as the official residence and office of the Aare is old and outdated. It is highly challenging for the monarch to carry out official residence and office of the Aare is old and outdated. It is highly challenging for the monarch to carry out the day to day palace administration in its present state and condition. And as a people with rich tradition and proud cultural heritage , we realize that the community deserves a more befitting and grand residence for the monarch . Determined to make positive impact, a committee comprising of experts in architecture, construction management, history, culture and tradition were mandated to come up with acceptable design for the proposed royal palace with consideration for originality, functionality and contemporariness. The committee visited a number of notable palaces across the Yoruba nation and hue now come up with the design in our hands. The proposed Royal palace : The Royal palace is planned to be grandiose in design, style, and appearance. It is proposed to consist of :

1. The Gate House with a full complement of the reception,office and the restroom.

2. A wel landscaped Royal Court with Carport.

3. The Administrative Building- The Royal Palace developed on two floors with a penthouse. It is expected to house the palace hall, the office of the Kabiyesi, the library and historical art gallery among others.

4. The Monarch’s private Residence which is a detached building on two floors. The Challenge: The Proposed palace is a desirable project that upon completion would positively project the image of our community to the larger world.

It is expected to be a major tourist destination in Okeogun and an inspiration o other communities in the state. It is a must have project. We are aware that to have this palace of our dream, an enormous amount of resources would be committed. We are aware also that as a community that weight of the resources needed for the project is too heavy for us to bear alone. We need help from you. We would need your generous donations as we about to commence the construction of the palace and we will continue to need you until the completion and commissioning of the new palace. May we let you know that, as good friends of Agoare, this is our time of need .

The time that we need our friends and well-wishers the most. We trust that you will not abandon us at this critical time. You will bless us with your substance so that together we shall make a history. The history that on Saturday, November 25,2017, we all gathered at BASEGA and jointly raised N100 million and other necessary resources to build an Ultra Modern Royal palace in Agoare for the present and the incoming generations. We count on you. Thank you and remain blessed”.

In attendance were :

High points of the event were the inauguration, fund raising and taking of photographs. Guests were well treated
to refreshment


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